Gxxx Rxxx (2008)

Gxxx Rxxx is a short, game master-less jeepform game centred around the idea of using that as a means of oppression. The game mechanics were conceived for the purpose of playing gxxx rxxx, but are equally useful for playing any kind of oppression, like for example bullying/ mobbing.

There are several points to the game. One thing that has been severely bugging me for the last couple of years is that (at least in Sweden), it seems nearly impossible today to get convicted for rape or gxxx rxxx. To really feel this in the end, if the issue actually arises, which is another point of the game, the game should have been harsh until that point.

Naturally this game is also a comment on how little protection there is in the American ”no touching” rule, and to stir the game design pot if only so little. I’m sure this game isn’t the first in its kind. Don’t play this game unless you’re in a good place mentally, and really think you are up for it.

It is not meant to be fun to play.

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Download scenariet (PDF, 6 MB)

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